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                            “A WORLD WITH NEW IDEAS”
                            TIME 2 GO BACK TO NATURE
also known as the artist E-JAM &THA SOULMOVEMENT of $NO$MONEY$DOWN$RECORDS$ “TIME2UNITE” ALBUM “RIDE WIT ME” ALBUM MP3 DOWNLOADS available on www.unite2jam.com
In a world headed towards an economic meltdown where we are being told that our goverment will provide funding assistance in times of hardship which is very inspirational however when Major Corporations, Small business & Creative Individuals plus the successful election of President BARACK OBAMA that trully personifies “UNITY” clearly shows the world at large is ready to embrace a “UNIVERSAL”,”MULTICULTURIAL”ORIGINAL”PHILOSOPHICAL WAY OF LIFE.
To  people together of all Ethnic Races or Religious denominations to UNITE for the sake of Economic Stabillity, Suitable Living and Health Conditions, The Planet Earth In Peril in respect to the eroding Iceland, Rain Forest and the onging battle with Oil/Gas against Solar Energy, Electrical, Battery Energized Vehicles let’s not also forget Wind Power.
What this equals in this Introductary to our SPEAK-UP section besides our members giving our Website a fee of “ONLY” $2.00 LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP which gives you the consumer iscount purchases for all products, services and goods sold on www.unite2jam.com , www.unite2jam.com/travel_tourwww.unite2jam.com/speak-up besides those offers what our SPEAK-UP link distributes to our veiwers is the opportunity to give answers be your own voice and share your opinions with a INTERGALATIC NETWORK ACROSS THE WORLDWIDE WEB.
ULTIMATELY this site allows you to be the answers to this ECONOMIC MELTDOWN and set forth a new GLOBAL FREE TRADE OF PRODUCTS GOODS & SERVICES anywhere and everywhere that UNITY JAM INCORPORATED the Producers/FOUNDERS of these Concerts/Events/Shows along our UNITE 2 JAM“TRIBUTE 4 MUSIC”/UNITY JAM‘A SALUTE 2 THA MUSIC” 3TOURS SERIES 2009 or our associated branches shall oromote,market and advertise these festivities.
Finally I wish for you to not just make use of the physical thinking process in your brain that exist but please use your inner most indept knowledge but through our SPEAK-UP website use your 3RD EYE to figure out the solutions along this social network highway.
                                  WELCOME UNITE NOW
                         EACHONE TEACHONE REACHONE