A World with New Ideas



 Hi my name is Eric Murray CEO/CHAIRMAN/PRESIDENT of UNITE2JAM INC and FOUNDER/CREATOR www.unite2jam.com I am also known as the “UNIVERSAL SOUL ARTIST”



www.unite2jam.com, the goal is to unite people through Marketing/Entertainment/Music in our diverse

“MULTI-VERSE” website to get new ideas and implement “A WORLD WITH NEW IDEAS”.

           In an economic meltdown, our government has provided funding assistance to the financial institutions.  The attempt was to be inspiring however; other companies and small businesses are still going out of business because they cannot receive credit to make the payroll.  Individuals are losing their jobs and don’t know how they are going to live.  In addition to financial plights, the Earth is in peril due to the eroding soil of Iceland and the destruction of the Rainforest. These incidents are the catalysts for an ongoing battle with the consumption of oil and gas against solar energy, electrical and battery-operated vehicles and wind power.

          Nevertheless, there is hope.  The successful election of Barack Obama clearly shows the world is ready to embrace new ideas that lead to change.  People of all ethnic races and religious denominations

Unite for the sake of economic economic stability, suitable living and better health conditions economic stability, suitable living and health conditions. After Former President Barak Obama’s 2 terms and Newly Appointed President Donald Trump is working on ways to make change happen but, one man cannot do it alone.  It takes a group of people to make change happen in their own lives.  We must take responsibility for what we do. We must come up with ideas and not sit passively any longer.

On theUnite2Jam website, there is a “SPEAK-UP” UP section for people to share their opinions about global and local issues and to voice any ideas regarding surviving in these changing times. Unite2Jam offers a lifetime membership for free, which allows discounts on purchases for all products and services sold on www.unite2jam.com. Once people become members of the unite2jam.com community anywhere that Unite 2 Jam Inc. produces their concerts, events and shows as well as, the Unite2Jam

Unite2Jam Unity Jam Unlimited Global Tour Series, they receive discounts on tickets and travel amenities.

January 20, 2009 is a historical time for us all.  It is something that our parents and grandparents never thought would happen.  Despite all the turmoil in the world, Former President Barack Obama proved to us that we could do whatever comes to our minds. Finally, I wish for you to let your mind reach its zenith and not to let anyone stop you from your dreams and goals.  Don’t think there is nothing you can do.  You can always SPEAK-UP.  Welcome unity now and communicate along this social network highway.  Each one can teach one so we can reach one.

Create A New Idea

You create a new idea.

The first 100,000 people to sign up for “FREE” lifetime membership will be eligible to receive 30 days of advertisement posted on the Speak-Up profile section. Each enrollee receives an email from Unite2Jam.com Speak-Up representative notifying you that your “WORLD WITH NEW IDEAS” has been selected. To have www.unite2jam.com  post your new idea will be emailed no later than Thursday, August 30th, 2018 by 12 midnight. All Speak-Up enrollees must present their new idea in a Word document on an 8½”X11″ page and should not exceed two pages. Your new idea will be viewed on Monday September 3rd, 2018 at 12 Midnight till Thursday October 4th, 2018 at 12 midnight. Let your mind speak for you. Let your new idea bring forth a positive change. Sign up. Good Luck. Speak up. Unite.

 Peace and Abundance,